Record enrollment, satellite campus spell success for Minnesota State

7700 France

Representatives of MN State Colleges celebrate MSU's satellite campus, 7700 France

Total enrollment of 15,547 combined with Edina satellite campus expansion leads to success in 2011-12

Minnesota State’s  total incoming class enrollment this year is 4,067 compared to last year’s 3,984. Of this number, there are 2, 465 first year students, the second largest amount in the school’s 143 year history.

The nearly one percent increase from last year’s enrollment is triggered by the continued expansion of MSU’s 3-year-old Edina campus, 7700 France. Initially opening, the site enrolled 420 students, had six classrooms, a computer lab and conference rooms. This year, 700 students are enrolled and  square footage will be increased from 12,271 to 27,000.

The previous five-year agreement required MSU to pay $1.7 million. The new contract requires $3.2 million, yet will provide for nine more classrooms and a telepresence classroom that allows for off-site course participation by students.

“We knew when we moved here that there would be a lot of demand. This is all about classroom expansion,” said Copper-Glenz, MSU’s dean for the College of Extended Learning.

There has been a recent demand for increased mix of undergraduate and master’s level degrees at 7700 France.  The expansion will benefit undergraduate degrees in education and communication studies as well as graduate degrees in public and business administration, educational leadership, corrections and community health.

The MSU satellite campus has been a beneficial addition to the Edina community with master’s course enrollment almost doubling since 2009 with a jump from 282 to 539. Furthermore, 4,033 master’s credit hours are being taken compared to only 1,382 in 2009.

“It’s a nice fit with our local economy,” said Scott Neal, Edina City Manager.

Minnesota State was privileged to welcome 1,146 transfer students and 456 graduate students in 2011-12. By providing new opportunity, MSU has experienced tremendous growth and set measurable records.

The picture of representatives of the MNSCU system with the bus during the 7700 France grand opening festivities was included in MSU’s October 2008 newsletter.

**In addition to this news story and JPEG, I would have included a web news video featuring footage of the 7700 France campus with interviews from both undergraduate and graduate students discussing their experience at the satellite campus. The interviewees would explain their personal situation to add both emotion and character to the multimedia element (both vital). I believe the video would further reader’s understanding about the Edina campus, answer questions and prove why a satellite campus provides convenience to so many students.

**The search terms I included on my original list and looked up were: enrollment, Minnesota State, satellite campus, Edina, student increase, university, undergraduate, graduate, master’s, economy. I mainly focused on including: enrollment, Minnesota State, satellite campus, Edina and student increase.


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  1. Does your source have a first name?
    You have a couple of technical errors here.
    But the main problem is that of too many statistics thrown at the reader. Are they all necessary? Can you interpret the best ones and use them? Minnesota State must be Minnesota State University, Mankato. Why? Think of a search engine.

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