Alaskan Adventures


I lived an Alaskan adventure this past summer in the North Pole/Fairbanks area. I had a retail management internship on Eielson Air Force base at their base exchange store. I was employed by the AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services) Corporation. My fiance is also a firefighter at Eielson Air Force base and we were often able to make our daily commute together. In this “my” Google map, I highlighted a few tourist places my fiance and I visited, shopping places of choice and both the Army and Air Force bases in the area. As seen on the map, I experienced a balanced summer full of beauty, wildlife, work and leisure. The map features a photograph of Chena Lakes & Recreation Area and a Youtube video with footage of Eielson Air Force base.

A classic Alaskan motto: “Always make the MOOSE out of life” 🙂

Favorite saying by all native Alaskans (when referring to any other state): “The lower 48”


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