Mankato Luther Honda experiences strong rebound

Auto sales continually soar due to increased consumer demand and dealership expansion.

In fact, local dealerships are celebrating for the first time since the 2008 recession.

Consumer procrastination has decreased and new vehicles are being sought. In fact, Mankato auto dealers topped the 1,000 mark in monthly auto sales, with 1,050 new and used cars and light trucks sold solely in July, well above last year’s 773.

“Since July we’ve doubled our inventory and more than doubled our sales, and our service department has been the same,” said Kerry Lindsay, general manager, Mankato Luther Honda.

The thriving farm economy is driving pickup truck sales and a jump is occurring in sales of the Honda Pilot SUV.  The new program at Mankato Luther Honda accepts trade-ins and also buys used vehicles from consumers out-right. This program combined with the newly expanded location creates opportunity for consumers seeking low mileage vehicles at affordable prices.

“We probably get 15 or 20 a month,” said Lindsay of trade-ins and out-right buys. “Some people already have a different car picked out from a private dealer, or maybe another dealer wont give them as much on trade-in as we’ll pay.”

This strong economical auto rebound provides great optimism for Mankato Luther Honda and other local dealerships while providing opportunities for consumers to buy automobiles for sale.


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  1. Good story but I would think it should be less about Honda and more about all car sales in Mankato. Honda is your example, perhaps. I wouldn’t make it my headline. You are going to be alienating all the other car dealers in the area if you do. +8/10

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