Twitter, Tweets, Re-tweets, Mentions..I prefer Birds


As the title explains, Twitter intimidates me. It scares me that a six-year-old can explain a better definition of “tweet” than I can. The six-year-old would most likely refer tweet to Twitter. The first thing that comes to my mind? A bird. I have been working hard at familiarizing myself with Twitter and have definitely learned a lot along the way. I keep telling myself, just like anything else in life “practice makes perfect”. Last class period I learned you can hashback any word or phrase you would like (very interesting)! I thought hashbacks had to refer to a group or already be developed in order to hashback (referring things to the Facebook world).

My Twitter assignment for MASS 330:

Prior to Writing for Online Multimedia, I had an existing Twitter account, yet had only tweeted three times total in the span of a year. Since updating my account for this class and better familiarizing myself with Twitter, I have learned a lot and am beginning to enjoy the Twitter world. I had always thought it was a knock-off on Facebook until I learned the business and professional advantages Twitter has to offer. I can use my Twitter account as a professional profile, positively portraying myself to the professional Public Relations and Marketing network. My favorite feature of Twitter is that I can follow PR agencies, Marketing firms, renown news sources, distinguished professional in the area and nationwide, etc. I am also fond of the fact that employers can follow me and I may be flagged as a prospect for a job opening or internship by them. By following my classmates and having the MASS330 hashback, I am continually advancing my Twitter skills and enjoying the process in the meantime!

Time to get back to “tweeting” my life away!


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  1. I think the term is “hashtag” – that’s using #MASS330, for example, to post something anyone going to that marked place would read.
    Solid writing with some editing errors. Read your text carefully before publishing, OK? +8/10

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